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A WILD CUP appeared written by Inane, 2010-03-01 13:54 CET (1 comments)

What's that? A WILD CUP??
You best grab your POKéDEX and information-gather that mother-.

What you're looking at now is another Warsow cup waiting to happen... When will it happen?
Well you may have run into a WILD POKéMON encounter before out there in the real world and you can appreciate me keeping this as close to realism as I can.
WILD encounters are very WILD and you don't know when they'll happen.
The only thing I can tell you is they happen when nobody is looking while you're out there hunting. (most realistic times here are weekends, cause that's when everyone hunts POKéMON the most, right?)

Have any questions?
I haven't even announced anything!
But if you do, feel free to mail me at: inane@staff.esl.eu

So just hang tight and hold on to that MASTERBALL you've been saving! (MISSINGNO IS CHEATING STOP USING IT OMG)
#1 written by Anonymous (Nerice), 7 years ago
I really neeedd to find this info, thank God!
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