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General rules
  • At the start of any WILDCUP event you must be available in the IRC Channel irc.QuakeNet.org #wildcup until the event is over for you in any means (elimination or complete victory), failing to be present may result in losing your round due to a noShow if your opponent requests so.
  • Insulting any admin may result in your immediate disqualification, remember; everything on our end is done fully voluntary.
  • It is not allowed to participate in WILDCUP under an alias or fake name. Your name ingame must resemble the name you have signed up with as well as your IRC name. Common sense applies here.
  • Players from all across the world are allowed to participate in WILDCUP. WILDCUP region based events are only restricted in the sense that all games must be played on servers from that region. It is allowed to play on a server outside of a specified region if both players agree to it.
  • WILDCUP currently only hosts events for Warsow [warsow.net](Free) and you must have the latest version to participate in our events.
  • WILDCUP will host events for multiple game modes of Warsow but only one game mode will be played at one event.
  • You will be notified if a WILDCUP event will require you to obtain custom maps or maybe even a custom gamemode.
  • Games may be delayed by the admin to ensure a more entertaining series of matches for the spectator crowd (be it WarsowTV or Streamed).

  • Servers MUST be updated with the latest version (or have the specified custom gametype + custom map). If there are no servers to choose from left you may consult an admin to possibly delay your game until one opens up.
  • Any given WILDCUP event will also take place on the continent the event was intended for. This means unless stated otherwise; EU events will be played on EU servers and NA events on NA servers.
  • Fair servers(ping-wise) must be picked unless both players agree on a specific server.
  • If players can not reach a mutual decision, an admin will have the final say

  • Demos MUST be recorded at all times, don't count on the server to have auto record enabled!
  • In the event that an admin is needed to resolve an ingame conflict between players, be sure to present plausible evidence such as screenshots but most importantly a demo (MVD recommended, PoV also fine).
  • Large accusations may delay the tournament so don't waste the admins' time without concrete evidence!

If anyone is willing to provide coverage (stream or audio) for any WILDCUP event, feel free to contact me at INANEatSTAFFdotESLdotEU or query me in IRC.

Event types

  • The brackets will be played in Double Elimination format, in rounds of Best of Three (3).
  • The Grand Finals will be played in 2*Best of Three (3) with one (1) set advantage to the player coming from the Winners Bracket. The LB WINNER must win 2 sets of BO3 to win the Grand Finals.
  • Cointoss will decide who's map will be played first. In the event of a 1:1 tie, a second cointoss will force the loser to eliminate 1 more maps from the mappool. Granting the winner the final say in the final map.
  • Currenly the maplist for WILDCUP Duel consists of these maps:
    ·wdm2 (aka Le Dream On by 36)
    ·wdm5 (aka viciious' lair by blx)
    ·wdm6 (aka deeemsix by acid)
    ·36dm5 (aka alibi by 36) Custom
    ·courtyard (by kiki and 36) Custom
    Maplist may change prior to the event.
  • Servers must have these settings set correctly (default settings):
    g_timelimit 10
    g_match_extendtime 10

    Common sense applies to any further settings.

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